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There are a lot of aspects that are related to maternity and one of the important decisions that a couple has to take includes giving birth at the hospital or in a birthing center. Different conditions and factors have to be considered whilst deciding.

Birthing done best at Cambridge hospital:

  • Provision of epidural anaesthesia.
  • Labour may be induced if required.
  • The baby can be monitored electronically throughout labor.

Also, in conditions related to the maternity, IVF process can be carried forward at Cambridge hospital where every step can be closely monitored. There are birthing plans customized where we can help you decide which are the best methods of birthing for any individual.

Birth at family center care:

Why you must choose hospital birth over birth centers?

You Might Need to Move

Unlike giving birth at our Hospital, you’ll need to spend time transferring to and fro from the birthing center.

If You Have a High-Risk Pregnancy

A birth center will not be in a position to offer suitable medical attention if there are any complications or risk factors which may be present with the pregnancy.

Also, in case u want some other interventions like constant fetal monitor and epidural anesthesia then probably the better choice will be birthing at a hospital.

Although going for a specialty hospital like Cambridge is highly recommended as its one of the safest options. With proper maternity care and friendly staff, one feels relaxed and in safe hands.

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