Welcoming a New Addition: How to Help Your Child Adjust to a Sibling

Your child's world is filled with wonder, exploration, and endless cuddles with you. But soon, they get to share their world with a new sibling. At Cambridge Hospital, we understand the importance of adapting to a new sibling. Through age-appropriate explanations and fun activities, you will help your child understand the concept of siblings, fostering excitement for a new adventure and a love that will unfold for years.

Prepare Your Child in Advance

Preparing your elder child for the new addition early on is crucial. Use videos and stories to explain what it means to have a new baby in the family. Involve your child in discussions about the baby's growth and development to build anticipation.

Involve Your Child in Preparation

Engage your child in choosing baby clothes or picking out toys. This involvement helps your child feel included and valued in the process. Encourage them to express their feelings and ask questions about the upcoming changes.

Maintain Routines and Special Time

Try to maintain regular routines and schedules for your older child. Allocate special one-on-one time with your child every day to reassure them of your love and attention. This dedicated time will strengthen your bond and ease anxieties about sharing your attention with the newborn.

Role Play and Practice

Use dolls or stuffed animals to demonstrate how to interact with a baby and emphasize the importance of being a loving and helpful elder sibling.

Set Realistic Expectations

Be realistic about what to expect from your older child after the baby arrives. Understand that they may experience mixed emotions, including excitement, jealousy, or regression. Validate their feelings and support them during this transition period.

Celebrate Sibling Bonding

Have positive interactions between your children and celebrate moments of sibling bonding. Allow your elder one to participate in caring for the baby under supervision, such as fetching diapers or singing lullabies. Praise and acknowledge their efforts to foster a sense of responsibility.


Welcoming a new member of the family is a joyous occasion, and supporting your elder ones through this transition is essential for building a strong and loving sibling relationship. Continue to raise your child with love and positivity, and together, your family will embark on this beautiful journey of growth and togetherness.