It was a really easy decision for me/my family to finalize the hospital for my delivery because my elder sister had delivered a healthy baby boy at Cambridge Hospital around 17 months back(June 2008).

Delivery-Day arrived, since it was my first I was very nervous and in a way little relaxed knowing I had my hubby/family around but the Hospital staff/Dr.Punitha Rangaraj visits made it lot easier with constant check-ups/monitoring since we knew most of them from our Sister’s previous delivery visit. They did everything very professionally/caringly, nurses were very good, duty doctors visited constantly and my doctor Dr. Vijayalakshmi who talks highly of this hospital visited me at-least 3 times in a day before the Delivery-Day.

Then in Nov 2009, I welcomed my little one baby boy into this world. After the delivery once again the hospital staff/Doctors showed/returned our faith by taking care of me & my little one. We celebrated his birthday a few months back and masha Allah he is so cute/naughty and frankly I’m short of words to thank them all especially Dr. Punitha/Dr. Vijayalakshmi for there support/encouragement/care during one of my most anxious moments of my life.Thank you all once again! God Bless!

Without a doubt, I continue to recommend this hospital to all my friends/neighbors/friends especially the Doctors. All the very best to would be parents and their families.