I am writing this review to share my experience at Bellevue’s Cambridge Hospital in Bangalore. It is near Halasuru Police station & Frank Anthony School.

This hospital is run by Dr. Punitha Rangarajan, who is a very experienced gynaecologist. I had got 2 good reviews from friends and relatives. Hence I took my wife to her in first trimester itself. I had alternatives as Motherhood(CMH Road), Manipal(Old airport road) & Cloudnine(Old airport).

Manipal and Cloud9 are within 5 km range and still I went to Dr. Punitha, whose hospital is 8 km.

She was able to handle internal bleeding at start of pregnancy. Thereafter we followed her advice and medicine.

We had to go to her hospital at 5 AM, and she spoke to us on phone at 6 AM and 8 AM. Finally at 8 AM she confirmed that delivery needs to be done same day. Still she waited till 5 PM and tried for natural delivery. She was successful in that and I had my baby at 6 PM.

She has a complete setup required for maternity cases, including team of qualified lady doctors & experienced nurses.

Charges are atleast 20-30% less then Motherhood, Cloud9 & Manipal. Also those hospitals are very commercial, when I visited them.

Rooms and complete setup in Belle Vue is neat and well maintained. Every single item in room is branded, and has facilities like Microwave, Fridge, TV, Attached bath etc. Unless baby has health complications requiring surgery, hospital is well equipped.

Strongly suggest to go to her hospital for maternity cases.

All the best!