Sibling Bonding Activities: Strengthening Relationships Before and After Birth

As expectant parents, nurturing the bond between your children is a priority. It is natural for older siblings to experience a mix of emotions, from excitement to apprehension. Supporting your child is key to a strong sibling bond. Join us in this blog as we see insightful tips to assist your child in embracing their role as a big brother or sister, fostering a deep and enduring connection with their new sibling.

Special Storytime Sessions

Gather as a family for special storytime sessions welcoming a new sibling. Choose books that celebrate the role of older brothers and sisters. Encourage your older child to ask questions and share their feelings about becoming a sibling.

Baby Care Playtime

Involve your older child in playful activities that simulate baby care, such as using dolls or stuffed animals. This interactive play helps your child feel involved and prepared for the new baby.

Create a Sibling Journal or Art Project

Start a sibling journal or art project where both children can contribute. Encourage them to draw pictures, write letters, or create collages about their feelings and expectations for the new baby. This shared project promotes communication and bonding.

Family Outings and Adventures

Plan family outings that include everyone. Whether it's a nature hike, a trip to the zoo, or a visit to a favourite playground, spending quality time together strengthens family bonds and creates positive memories for siblings to cherish.

Teach Sharing and Cooperation Through Play

Use playtime to teach important values like sharing and cooperation. Encourage siblings to take turns with toys and games, work on puzzles or building projects, and express appreciation for each other's efforts. Positive reinforcement helps reinforce teamwork and mutual respect.

Special One-on-One Time

Schedule dedicated time each day to focus solely on your older child. Read a book together, play a game, or cuddle on the couch. This personalized time reassures them that they haven't been forgotten.

Celebrate Individuality

Remember, both children are unique! Celebrate their personalities and strengths, creating an environment where they feel loved and valued for who they are.


Strengthening the bond between siblings is an essential aspect of family life. At Belle Vue's, we emphasize the importance of nurturing positive relationships within the family unit. By engaging in bonding activities and involving your older child in the preparations for the new baby, you can lay a strong foundation for a loving and supportive sibling relationship. Fostering sibling relationships is a wonderful venture filled with joy and learning, and every effort you make today will contribute to a harmonious family dynamic in the future. With these moments of connection, children form a special bond.