General Precautions and advice for all pregnant women during the coronavirus pandemic

When it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, there are still several things that we don’t have information about. Here are some advice and general precautions that you should take in case you are pregnant right now.

1. Should pregnant women be self-isolating or maintain social distance: Know the difference

Just like everybody else, pregnant women should be avoiding any kind of unnecessary contact with people that are going out. This is called social distancing. In case you are in the third trimester or over 28 weeks then you have to minimize contact with anyone else. Self-isolation means to stay home and only go outside for working out and avoiding contact with anyone else. In case you live alone this time can be of 7 days otherwise 14 days. Self-isolation is recommended in case you:

I. You have any coronavirus symptoms. This can be constant coughing and high temperature.

II. You have had tested positive for COVID-19 and advised at-home recovery.

2. Impact of Coronavirus on the baby:

As this is a new virus, the information regarding the same is learned every day. Some evidence shows that there can be a possible transmission from the mother to the baby while pregnant or at the time of birth. You must know that in all of the cases were babies that had developing coronavirus just after birth as well. There have been reports of premature birth for women that were unwell with coronavirus. Although the transmission from mother to baby has been low. Also presently there is no evidence that suggests that there is an enhanced miscarriage risk.

3. Things you must do for reducing the risk of developing COVID-19:

One of the most important things that you must take care of is washing your hands effectively and regularly. Make sure that you are using soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds. As a precaution following the guidelines of the government. This means to maintain social distance, try staying away from public places for avoiding anybody that has symptoms indicative of coronavirus. Pregnant women can go out for essentials like groceries, exercising, and antenatal appointments. You have to be a bit more careful with regard to the third trimester period and have strict social distancing.

4. What to do in case you are not able to work from home:

If you are not able to work from home as you might have a public-interaction role, speak to your employer. This can help with ideas where the exposure can be minimized. In case you are in your 1st or 2nd trimester and have absolutely no underlying health condition, you must maintain social distance and continue with your work. Make sure all of the required precautions are being taken. If you are in the third trimester or have any underlying health issue, you must try your best to work from home only. This is going to reduce social contact significantly. To do this again talk to your employer.

5. Travel advise for pregnant women:

You have to follow the advice and guideline provided by your government. Also keep track of all of the updated information every day. Individuals including pregnant women should be ensuring that they have proper insurance arrangements made before going ahead with travel. Also check that the travel insurance provider is covering the care and birth of the newborn in case you might give birth abroad.

6. Changes in the antenatal and post-natal care during a pandemic:

There are some changes made to make sure that the best care is given to each individual. This also ensures that there is no overload on the health care departments that are vital during this pandemic. These changes are vital because:

I. It reduces the number of people that are visiting the hospital. It's vital as people may come in contact with others this virus spread can increase.

II. The medical staff will not be overwhelmed with the added strain. Some patients need care 24/7 because of COVID-19 and these changes can help likewise.

Bottom line:

Make sure that you follow this advice and stay safe in these times. Social distancing is the key factor here.