Postmenopausal Period :

Any symptom even like abnormal white discharge could suggest major problem.

mother1General checks – Yearly check up is recommended. This group of women are more prone for cancers of genital tract and breast. They are also more prone for osteoporosis and bone fractures .

mother1Menopausal symptoms –  most distressing and very difficult to explain. Can range from no symptoms to that of depression.

mother1Postmenopausal bleeding – any bleeding occurring one year stoppage of the period / menopause is called postmenopausal bleeding . More often than not they are non malignant causes but have to be investigated as they may point towards early genital tract cancers.

mother1Tumors – malignant growth more common during this age group.

Management –

1. General check up yearly check up is recommended . As they are more chance of cancers in this age group, cancer screening should be the part of the check up.
2. Checking for bone health – checking for bone mineral density, Serum Vit- D3 levels and B12 levels.
3. Abdominal pelvic scan – to rule out any abnormal growth . We suggest pelvic scan done which could pick up early signs of ovarian cancer.