Pediatric gynaecology :

Certain gynaecological condition seen in girls from the birth till the age of 12 years

mother1Abnormal vaginal discharge – usually due to infection and bad hygiene. Can also be due to some tumors.

mother1Bleeding per vagina – certain spotting or bleeding can be noticed after few days of delivery which is due to  hormone withdrawal. Can again be due to infection and tumors.
mother1These conditions can also be due to sexual abuse and foreign body in vagina

mother1Premature menarche – menarche before the age of 8 years .

Management –

1. Detailed history regarding the health, habits, medications, behavior and family history of the child generally point to the cause.
2. General examination of the child to rule any general condition which can lead to bleeding or infection
3. Gentle examination of the pelvic area to look for any sign of infection, trauma and abnormality.
4. Internal examination to look for any foreign body, infection, growth and any signs of trauma.
5. Blood tests- hormone analysis and to rule out any bleeding disorders
6. Ultra-sound abdomen and pelvis