Nutrition And Fitness Tips For Women After 40

Life is full of changes. And, throughout life, our body adjusts and moves on with these changes. Similarly, once you reach your 40s, your body starts transitioning in not only one but multiple facets. This major life transition needs extra care for you to lead a healthy life. But, no matter the changes, proper nutrition and fitness will always be your answer for fluid transition to your life's next stage.

Below in this article are the 6 best nutrition and fitness tips for women after 40.

7 nutrition and fitness tips for your 40s
1. Regular exercise

We can't stress enough the importance of exercise for maintaining a healthy life. According to research, weight gain increases as you age. So, incorporating physical activities into your schedule is a must.

A simple 30 min workout will be enough to kickstart your fitness journey.

You can also incorporate some light jog or strength training into your schedule.

2. Get enough sleep

A good night's sleep checks a lot of your health essential boxes. From clearing and sharpening your brain function to keeping your emotion in control: sleep assists them all. So, get at least 8 hours of sleep for a new day ahead.

3. Keep in check with your bone health

Another growing concern amongst people in their 40s and beyond is bone health. Many women complain of joint pain and minor injury leading to fractures. It is due to the decreasing bone density after your 40s: osteoporosis. The solution to this will be to take enough calcium-rich foods, supplements, and calcium tablets if necessary, per the doctors' recommendation.

4. Reduce Processed foods intake

Processed foods contain multiple ill health factors. It lacks required nutrients and contains excessive amounts of sugar, sodium and fats that can be a reason to stop eating them. Also, as per research, it was found that with every 10℅ increases in consumption of processed food, there was an increase in cancer risk.

All these will have a higher ill health risk for people in their 40s.

5. Balanced diet

Make sure to eat the proper proportions. And always add your carbs, proteins and essential fats as per the chart. It's all essential because, after 40, your metabolism tends to slow down. It is also why weight loss after 40 is very hard. Include green vegetables, peas, beans, fruits, whole grain, fat-free dairy products, sea foods, meats and soy products in your diet. Also, eat food rich in calcium, vitamins and fibre to balance it all.

6. Regular checkups

Clinical examination plays a vital role in maintaining your body after the 40s. So, do go for full body checkups at least once a year. The importance of Gynecological examinations also can't be stressed enough after the '40s.

7. Drink sufficient water

Water maintains your body weight by burning fats and balances the body's electrolytes and temperature. Water is an overall beneficial natural element.


Ageing is a natural, beautiful process. It has its flow and results. However, with age and time, our bodies might not function the same and may change accordingly. Therefore, follow the tips listed above to live and enjoy your 40s to the fullest with ease.