At Belle Vue’s  Hospital Vaccines are given until the age of four. The recommended Immunization Schedule for children:

Age Vaccine
At Birth BCG+ OPV+ Hepatitis B
1 ½ months DTPw/ DTPa, HiB+ Hepatitis B+ Rotavirus vaccine. Polio + Pneumococcal infections
10 weeks(2 ½ months) DTPw /DTPa, HiB+ Rotavirus vaccine, Polio + Pneumococcal infections
14 Weeks (2 ½ months) DTPw/DTPa,HiB+ Polio + Rotavirus vaccine+ Pneumococcal infections
24 Weeks (6 months) Polio + Hepatitis B
9 Months Measles
12 Months Hepatitis A (1st dose)+ Chickenpox
Discuss Cholera Vaccine
15 months Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR)
18 months DTw/ DTPa+ HiB+ OPV+Pneumococcal infection
2 Years Typhoid + Hepatitis A (2nd dose)
4-5 Years or before school entry DTPw/DTPa+Polio+ Typhoid Measles, mumps, rubella
8-10 years Discuss Typhoid vaccine and cervical cancer vaccines
10-16 years Hepattis B (check with your doctor if not already immunized previously – 3 doses) tetanus/dT
15-19 years Dipththeria, tetanus/dT Rubella (for girls)