Our hospital is one of the first three hospital in Bangalore  to start with (In Vitro Fertilisation) infertility treatment facilities we have been successfully doing fertility treatment since 2000. We are certified by INDIAN SOCIETY OF ASSISTED REPRODUCTION (ISAR)

In IVF procedure eggs are combined with partner’s sperm in a laboratory dish, once fertilized, resultant embryos are transferred into uterus in hope for implantation.

Indication for IVF:

Following are the indication for IVF consideration:

mother1Tubal problem

mother1Male factor


mother1Uterine problems

mother1Unexplained infertility


mother1Previous IUI failure

mother1Ovulatory problems

mother1Antibody problems that harm sperm or eggs

mother1Cervical inhospitality

Basic steps for IVF:

These are the basic five steps of an IVF cycle:

mother1Ovulation induction :- injectable medicines is used to stimulate development of multiple mature follicles

mother1Egg retrieval: when the follicles are mature, the egg aspiration procedure is performed to remove the eggs. An ultrasound guided vaginal aspiration with special ovum pick up needle is simple and easy procedure.

mother1Fertilization and embryo culture: sperms are either mixed or injected into an oocyte on various times interval depending upon the maturity of the oocyte. The resultant embryos are cultured for 3 or for 5 days.

mother1Embryo transfer: with the help of embryo transfer catheter embryos are delicately transferred near the top of the endometrial cavity.

mother1Pregnancy test : About 11 days after embryo transfer a blood test is done for pregnancy hormone

Physical restriction:

mother1Heavy exercise like aerobics, jogging, weight lifting are prohibited during ovarian stimulation until the pregnancy test results are known.

mother1Smoking / alcohol consumption should also be avoided during stimulation.

mother1If a lady is under some medical treatment , please consult the doctor whether prescribed medicine are safe during stimulation protocol. As some medications may interfere with the fertility medication.

Pregnancy test report results:

The blood pregnancy test is performed 12th day after the embryo transfer. If positive, patient is asked to repeat the blood test and ultrasound to ensure successful pregnancy by visualizing fetal heart beat on 30th day after embryo transfer. A good antenatal care is required for a successful pregnancy. We have all the facilities for that.