Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI)

Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) is the depositing of washed motile sperm into uterine cavity using a fire plastic catheter, through cervix; IUI is a first step, cost-effective method to enhance the fertility in a woman with patent fallopian tube.
IUI is a fertility treatment often selected by the couple, with at least one patent fallopian tube and who have been trying to conceive for at least one year. IUI also be selected as a fertility treatment with any one of the following conditions.

mother1Low sperm count

mother1Decreased sperm motility

mother1A hostile cervical condition [too thick cervical mucus]

mother1Sexual dysfunction.

Prior to IUI:

Women must have atleast one documented open fallopian tube as demonstrated by hysterosalpingogram or the tubal dye study..

Men must have Semen analysis report. 3-4 days abstinence is ideal for semen analysis. More than 4-5 days old. Sample may have a risk of poor   motility, white cells and other problems.

Common tests which is for man and woman are blood grouping, blood test for sexually transmitted diseases, for HBsAg, antisperm antibody test and post coital test is a requirement before an IUI cycle.

Medicine protocol for IUI is:

mother1Clomiphene Citrate from period day 3- 7.

mother1Add injectable if required

mother1Follicular growth monitoring from the day 11 of cycle

mother1Monitoring of LH surge and estrogen level during the cycle

mother1Once the leading follicle reaches 19-20 mm size a slot of hCG.

mother1 IUI performed after 36-40 hrs of hCG

mother1Adjustments in the ovulation induction protocol can be made as per individual need.

For use of fertility drug, a fertility specialist under whom couple is undergoing treatment can make the decision. In general, a fertility drug enhances a woman’s ability to become pregnancy with IUI. Most widely used medicine is clomiphene citrate either alone or with combination of injectable. Injectable fertility drugs that are more aggressive in stimulating multiple egg release. The more eggs that a woman produces during a treatment, the higher the chance for success.

 Before an IUI cycle:

mother1Little rest just after the IUI procedure is advisable.

mother1For little pain a simple pain killer like Ibuprofen can be taken.

mother1Avoid heavy exercise, jogging or high impact aerobics.

Frozen sample used in IUI:

One can freeze the semen sample before an IUI procedure if they are physically away at the time of procedure or if they cannot produce the semen sample on demand. Before semen freezing a complete blood work is done to rule out the possibility of HBsAg, HIV or gonorrhea. Then semen sample has to be produce by masturbation into sterile container provided by lab. Once given to the lab a complete semen analysis is performed which includes, volume, liquefaction and viscosity, sperm count, motility, forward progression and morphology. After that semen is subjected to freeze can be revived on IUI day.