How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy?

If you had been thinking of pregnant, or are already pregnant, then there is certainly some advice that you might be looking for. Some vital aspects need a lot of your attention to have a healthy pregnancy. This will make sure that prenatal development and birth is safe. So here are some of the important ways of having a healthy pregnancy.

1. Nutrition:

Having a healthy diet during your pregnancy is also linked with brain development and also a good baby weight at the time of birth. This can also reduce several birth defect risks. A balanced diet will be reducing the anemia risk and also the unpleasant pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and fatigue. So make sure you include protein, calcium, vitamin c, and iron-rich foods in your regular diet.

2. Weight Gain:

One simple way for satisfying the nutritional needs while one is pregnant is by having foods from each of the main food groups. Gaining weight is certainly expected and natural. So if the weight had been normal before you were pregnant, you will be gaining weight around 24 to 34 pounds. Also, make sure that you are monitoring and discussing the nutritional requirements of the doctor every month. Understand that weight gain recommendation will be varying for people that are overweight, underweight, or when there are multiple gestations like twins or triplets.

3. Alcohol:

Whenever you are drinking, it does pass through your placenta and then enters the bloodstream of the baby. Drinking has been shown to increase miscarriage, premature birth, and stillbirths. Heavy drinking might also lead to fatal disorders that can even cause lifelong issues to the kids.

If you had a little alcohol before you had got pregnant, then it's not likely that it has harmed the baby. But just know that there is no safe drinking level. The potential increases as you drink and can be very dangerous for the baby. So make sure that if you can just completely cut off the drinking while the entire pregnancy.

4. Smoking:

Again this is a habit that can be harmful to the baby. It also increases your pregnancy risk complications. This might lead to sudden death, low baby weight, and also some long term health issues. A lot of women might also quit when they get to know they're pregnant but then everything relapses. Keep trying to quit again and the probability is that you will eventually succeed.

5. Stay Active:

You should be engaging in some kind of physical activity each day. You can go for a walk or practice yoga and meditation. It will be best that you speak with your doctor about the best kind of physical activity for you. Also, make sure that you always keep hydrated when you are active.

Final Words:

It is very normal to get anxious while you are pregnant. Therefore make sure you are also focusing on having enough rest. And consult your doctor in case you feel any discomfort immediately.