How Much Weight Gain Is Normal During Pregnancy?

When it comes to weight gain at the time of pregnancy, each woman is different. Also, there are no exact official guidelines that can tell you the weight you should gain. One of the most crucial things to keep in mind is having a safe weight gain and of optimum levels so that it’s good for the baby's health as well.

Did You Know?

Were you aware that just some weight gain that a woman has during pregnancy is going to be the body fat? The other factors involved are:

1. Weight of the baby.

2. Placenta.

3. The amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby.

4. Increased blood levels.

5. Fluid retention of the body.

6. Increased breast size.

It is even seen, that some women might lose weight during the first trimester. This can occur because of the morning sickness they might be dealing with and is completely normal. But make sure that you aren’t trying to lose weight while pregnant as this can harm the baby.

One might not even be weighed at every antenatal visit if you are in a general health weight range. But in a situation where you are overweight or underweight, the doctor can keep track of it as there might be some potential risks involved.

How Much Weight Gain Is Normal?

Most of the women gain anywhere from 10 to 13 kg while they are pregnant. Please keep in mind that this weight gain will be called healthy depending on your weight before you got pregnant.

As we said earlier that there is no official guideline on it, Gynecologist recommends that:

1. If you are underweight you can put about 13 to 18 kg of weight.

2. If you come in the normal weight range and have a healthy BMI then around 11 to 15 kg.

3. In case you are overweight with a BMI of 25 to 30 then 8 to 10 kg.

4. If you suffer from obesity and have a BMI of over 30 then 5 to 8 Kg.

What If There Are Twins?

Certainly, if you are pregnant with twins, this weight further increases and can be:

1. If you are of normal weight range then about 16 to 24 Kg.

2. In case you are overweight than 14 to 23 Kg.

3. If you have been affected by obesity then 11 to 19 Kg.

How To Manage The Weight One Puts On?

Having a normal active lifestyle is recommended for all women if there are no complications involved. You can do gentle exercise or go for a slow walk for 15 minutes every day. Then having a healthy diet is equally important.

Final Words:

Make sure that you are not getting extremely concerned by these numbers. The only thing to remember is that the weight gain remains healthy and at safe levels for the baby and you. Your doctor can reassure and advise you on any such concerns that you have. Make sure that you do seek medical help in case you are overweight or underweight as extra support and care are needed.