How common is Male Infertility and what are its Possible Causes

Did you know that around fifteen percent of the couples around the world are infertile? And out of these cases, there is a role of male infertility in a third of the couples. Male infertility means that there is an abnormal function of sperm, its low production, or any blockages that prevent its delivery. Injuries, illness, lifestyle choices, chronic health issues also play a huge role or being the cause of infertility in males. Not having a child can be frustrating and stressful but today there are several treatments available.

What Are The Possible Causes Of Male Infertility?

The causes of male infertility can be broadly categorized and then further one can understand each of these causes

Medical Causes:

There can be health issues and some medical treatments that can cause male infertility. Some of these include:

1. Varicocele:

When there is swelling in veins that are draining the testicle the condition is called Varicocele. This is also a cause for male infertility that's reversible. Although the specific cause remains unknown, there can be some link with the testicular temperatures. This can lead to having an impact on sperm quality.

Treatment can also help in improving sperm function and numbers and also potentially improve the result that uses assisted techniques of reproduction like IVF.

2. Antibodies Attacking Sperm:

There can be antibodies developed that tend to identify the sperms for being harmful invaders and there is an attempt for eliminating them.

3. Tumors:

Non-malignant tumor or cancer does affect the reproductive organs in males directly. Then there are also chemotherapy, surgery, and chemotherapy that can also affect male infertility.

4. Imbalances in Hormones:

Male infertility might also be caused by testicle disorders that can negatively impact the hormonal system that includes adrenal, thyroid, and pituitary glands. Low testosterone is another hormonal issue that can be a possible cause.

Environmental causes:

There can be overexposure to some environmental factors like chemicals, heat, and toxins that might reduce the sperm function or its production. This includes:

1. Industrial Chemicals:

When there is extended exposure to benzene, pesticides, toluene, organic solvents, and even painting materials, this can lead to a reduction in sperm count.

2. Exposure to Heavy metals:

Heavy metals like lead can lead to male infertility.

3. X-rays or Radiation:

Such exposures can also reduce sperm production. But in most cases, this condition does return to normal.

Lifestyle Choices:

The other reasons for male infertility can be due to the specific lifestyle choices that one makes:

1. Drug Usage:

People that use anabolic steroids for enhancing muscles can also lead to testicle shrink and also reduce the production of sperm count. Then there are other substances like marijuana and cocaine that impact sperm quality.

2. Alcohol and Tobacco use:

Both of these substances can lower testosterone and also cause erectile dysfunction.

Final Thoughts:

Apart from the causes stated above, depression and stress levels can also lead to male infertility. Treatments are available and you must consult your doctor as soon as possible.