High BP: A Cause for Concern during Pregnancy

Hypertension or High BP has been defined as your blood pressure that's equal to or over 140/80 mm Hg. This can be a very serious condition for some women. When it gets well managed, high blood pressure isn't that dangerous. Some of the trusted sources say that around 6 to 8 percent of women that are pregnant can have this condition.

Risk Factors Involved With High BP When One Is Pregnant:

There is some risk a factor that comes with high blood pressure is likely while one is pregnant.


Unhealthy lifestyle choices can lead to high BP. When one is overweight, obese, and not staying active can be a huge risk factor for high BP.

Kind of Pregnancy:

Women that are experiencing the first pregnancy, are at a higher risk of developing hypertension. Fortunately, in a subsequent pregnancy, this probability gets lowered. Carrying twins or triplets can also increase the chances of developing hypertension as the body is constantly working hard for nourishing more babies.

As per trusted sources, the use of technologies like IVF for conception can also increase the probability of high BP in pregnant women.

Women’s Age:

Age can certainly be a factor as well. Pregnant women that are over 35 years of age can be at a higher risk for developing hypertension. Women that had been suffering from High Blood pressure can also be at the risk of developing complications while they are pregnant.

What’s considered As High BP While Pregnancy?

Having a blood pressure of higher than 140/90 can be called as high BP, this number can change depending on the top number that you had initially been before you got pregnant. In the early times of pregnancy, that’s mostly from 5 weeks till half of the second trimester, the blood pressure of women can decrease. This can also occur as the pregnancy hormones can stimulate the blood vessels and the blood pressure might decrease because the blood flow resistance isn’t that high.

How to Prevent High BP When You Are Pregnant?

Some of the risk factors of having high Blood pressure like obesity can be lowered with exercise and diet. While one gets pregnant, it's alright to gain some weight and normal. In case you are getting concerned, you can always speak with your doctor on the right weight gain, so you are staying in the normal weight range.

Understand that the diet guidelines for women that are pregnant will be as per individual requirements. You can take the guidance of a nutritionist for making sure that a diet plan is made for the specific weight and height you have.

Make sure that you are not drinking alcohol or smoking. Both of these have been known for increasing blood pressure and other health risks that can harm you and the baby.

What to do next?

If you are suffering from high BP while you are pregnant, make sure it’s being treated. Mainly, because if there is no proper care taken, it can be life-threatening for the baby and the mother.