General Precaution for All Pregnant Women during the Coronavirus Pandemic

There is still so much of the information that we aren't aware of on COVID-19. There is a bit of hope as we keep learning from the pandemic almost every day. There are some precautions that you should take in case you are pregnant during this pandemic. We have also tried to clear some of the important questions that you might have in mind:

Are The Chances Of Getting COVID-19 Higher In Pregnant Women?

Experts still can’t say for sure if pregnant women have a higher probability of getting coronavirus infected when compared to others. But as some changes occur during pregnancy, it's likely that that you get some kind of infection. So make sure you stay protected.

Precautions that you must follow:

For making sure you are protected from the coronavirus as well as other infections, pregnant women must:

1. Wash hands with soap as often as you can.

2. Make use of hand sanitizer, and check that it has a minimum of 60 percent alcohol.

3. Refrain from touching your mouth, eyes, and nose.

4. Don’t get close to sick people.

5. Try to stay at home as much as you can and stay away from others. In case you do need to go out, maintain a distance of 2 meters minimum.

6. Always wear a clean and good quality face mask.

7. Keep disinfecting and cleaning things that people often touch like doorknobs, counters, and phones.

Does COVID-19 Cause Problems For A Pregnant Women Or The Baby?

Again, it's very early to say for sure if this can affect pregnant women or the baby. Till now, there have been cases where women suffering from COVID-19 had issues like premature birth. Although, it's still not clear if the virus has caused this specifically and research is on.

If You Get COVID-19 Will You Pass It On The Baby?

There is still not much research to understand if I can spread to the baby during birth or pregnancy. The virus hasn't been observed in amniotic fluid or breast milk. But some newborn babies have been tested positive for COVID-19. Doctors do recommend getting the healthy baby tested for the diseases in case their mother had been tested positive. This will make sure that proper care can be taken for the baby and when it's taken home as well.

What Should You Do If You Get Sick While Pregnant?

As COVID-19 symptoms are similar to that of a lot of viruses that cause cold and flu, so make sure you get testes for it just to be sure. Call the health care provider in case you have trouble breathing, fever, or cough. Most people with mild symptoms can be taken care of at home. Take rest and have fluids. In case you feel symptoms are getting worse immediately go to the hospital.

Final Words:

It will always be best, to follow the precautions strongly than looking for options to get cured of COVID-19. Don't be scared if you are pregnant during the pandemic, but be aware.