Do’s and Don’ts during First Few Weeks of Pregnancy

Hearty congratulation on your pregnancy! Here we shall discuss some of the recommendations that relate to what you should and shouldn't do in the first few weeks of pregnancy. There are certain risks involved with baby's development and one can reduce them by shifting focus on some of the major points. Let's begin:

  • 1. Start taking vitamin D and Folic Acid:

    Vitamin D will make sure that your baby develops healthy teeth, bones, and muscles. This will also make sure that the calcium and phosphate levels in the body remain regulated. This will be all the more important in case you have a deficiency.

    Then Folic Acid is going to reduce the risks involved with neural tube defects and take it to almost zero. This is ideal to begin three months before you plan to get pregnant. If you haven't don't stress, begin taking it now. These are the major two supplements that doctors ask you to take during pregnancy unless you have some other kind of deficiency. Always consult your doctor for proper dosage.

  • 2. Stay Active:

    Don't lead a sedentary lifestyle when you get pregnant, as it's not good for the baby's or your health. This can increase the risk of gaining too much weight, varicose veins, and even gestational diabetes. In case you had a workout routine before you got pregnant, you can always continue with it, but listen to your body when it wants you to slow down or if you feel any discomfort. If you didn't have a workout routine, understand that some form of physical movement is important. Slowly start walking regularly or go for yoga classes as it can relax you.

  • 3. Do Eat Healthy:

    Make sure that you include healthy foods in your diet. You need to have fresh vegetables and fruits in your regular meals. Also, make sure there is not too much vitamin A as it causes harm to the developing baby. Have fish in moderation as it can have high mercury amounts that again can be harmful.

  • 1. Don’t overeat:

    There is not a need for eating too much in the first two trimesters. This means that you just have to add additional 200 calories of what you already eat. This means just about half of a sandwich.

  • 2. Don’t smoke:

    Smoking has known to have a huge risk for your baby. In case you had been a smoker, just stop now. You can ask for support in case you are finding it difficult to quit.

  • 3. Don’t have Alcohol:

    Brain development in the first trimester is intense. And you need to stop drinking alcohol at the time.

  • 4. Don’t go On strict diets:

    Being on any strict diet will deprive you of some of the other nutrients. So have a well-balanced diet that's healthy for you and your baby as well.


It’s always recommended that you focus on the diet and listen to what your body says, and these tips will surely help you.