Dental Care During all Stages of Pregnancy

Regular medical checkups, yoga, and physical therapies for painless labour and pregnancy care are strictly followed by couples. But have you heard about recurrent miscarriages due to oral infections? Do you know how cavities or dental carries would affect your oral health? Or how your hormone levels may trigger serious dental infections during pregnancy?

Yes! Dental care plays a significant role in pregnancy care. Oral infections may trigger miscarriages. Surprisingly most people are unaware of this fact and are not ready to go to the dentist.

We understand you may feel tired and have a tone of mood swings. But consulting a dentist at any stage of your pregnancy will only benefit you. Here is how!

Pregnancy and recurrent miscarriages

It is not a common cause of miscarriage. Imagine you are pregnant or planning to become a mother. You will stick to pregnancy care. What is to be understood is that if you have chronic gum disease or reddish gums, you should go to a dentist.

In most cases, gum infections for a long period would cause periodontitis, and the vulnerable causative bacteria would enter into your blood. As simple as that, this bacteria will explore your circulating system and may reach your womb. It may lead to premature labour or miscarriages.

Inevitable food cravings during pregnancy

Pregnant women eat a lot of sugary and spicy foods. We can figure out your cravings. Well, It can be a good idea to eat food with less sugar. Also, drink more plain water than carbonated drinks.

Consuming sugary diets are more prone to dental caries and plaques. Rinse your mouth after every meal and also in between your snacks.

Try to lower consuming sugary snacks and wash your mouth with fluoride-releasing mouthwash. As you know, fluoride has antibacterial activity that prevents dental caries.

Tips for dental care during pregnancy

• Consult a dentist- when you have bleeding gums, foul smelling, chronic dental caries during pregnancy or any stage of your life

• Brush twice a day

• Rinse your mouth after having snacks

• Floss

• Check for periodontal infections

• Eat vitamins that are good for your teeth

• If you have morning sickness, avoid brushing your teeth immediately after you wake up. Immediate brushing of teeth may trigger vomiting, and the strong gastric acids come to contact with the teeth' enamel and damage it.

Fear of going to the dentist?

Dental treatments are safe during pregnancy. It's an old tale that going to the dentist during pregnancy may harm you and your baby. But that's not the case. Dental professionals know how to take care of you while you are carrying.

They may not prefer to do things that are bad for you. Fight your fear and include dental care in your pregnancy care. It's not risky when you get the right treatment. On the contrary, not seeking dental care during pregnancy may affect your lifestyle.

Remember, the first gift you give your baby will be a lovely smile!