Counselling of  Infertility patient/partner :

Counselling is an important step in the treatment of infertility patients. Patients who are unable to conceive should be throughly investigated and counselled about their prevailing conditions.

Investigation is second step in treatment of Infertile couple.

Male : Male should be investigated for routine blood test and semen analysis & through history of any ailment should be diagnosed.

Female : female should undergo a few blood test for hormonal assay and a pelvic ultrasound examination to rule out any uterine/ovarian abnormality.

In female bilateral fallopian tubes should be patent for pregnancy to happen so fallopian tube patency should be checked by :

mother1 Saline sonography

Ovulation Induction :

OI is Stimulation & Ovulation by medication it is usually used in the sense of stimulation of the development of ovarian follicles to increase the opportunity of pregnancy.

Ovulation Induction treatment is recommended for :

mother1 Women with unexplained infertility.
mother1Women with long irregular or infrequent cycles.
mother1Women who are not spontaneously ovulating.
mother1couples with no male-factor infertility.

Ovulation Induction treatment is not recommended for :

mother1Women over 38 years of age.
mother1Women with tubal blockage or severe tubal damage.
mother1women with severe endometriosis.
mother1Couples with a low sperm count/ poor sperm motility.