Can Male Infertility be treated?

For the most time, infertility has been though for being the main issue of women. But as we see more, men do face such issues as well. Around one in three cases for infertility are caused because of man only and then for the other half there is a chance of infertility for 50% of the time.

A male infertility diagnosis can be one of the difficult challenges that an individual can face. For some men, this can also be devastating. Unfortunately, this can be a reality and not much can be done on infertility. But because of the scientific advances that have been made there can be some treatments that can provide help.

Treatment for Male Infertility:

A lot of times the exact causes for infertility are difficult to identify. Even if this is the case, the doctor can recommend some treatments that might help with conception. It is also recommended that female partners get their check-up done as well. This can assist in understanding if there is some treatment that she needs for proceeding with the reproductive techniques that are relevant.

Some of the treatments for male infertility are:

  • 1. Surgery:

    In case there is an issue with varicocele, this is one of the causes that can be corrected through surgery. Also in case, the vas deferens are obstructed this can be repaired as well. There are procedures for reversing before vasectomies. In a situation where there are no sperms observed in the ejaculate, sperm retrieval can be done directly from epididymis or testicles with the use of sperm-retrieval procedures.

  • 2. Infection Treatments:

    Antibiotics can cure infections in the reproductive tract, but it doesn't mean that fertility will always be restored.

  • 3. Treatments For Problems Related With Intercourse:

    Counseling and medication might help with improving fertility in situations like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunctions.

  • 4. Medications and Hormone Treatments:

    The doctor can recommend medications or hormone replacement in places where the reason for infertility is low hormone levels or how the body uses these hormones.

  • 5. ART:

    It is also called Assisted Reproductive Technology is the treatment that involves sperm retrieval through normal ejaculations, surgical extraction, or else through donor individuals as per the case. Then the sperm is inserted in the female reproductive tract or using it for carrying IVF technique or in the process for Intracytoplasmic sperm injections.

What to do if treatments won’t work?

There are rare cases where male infertility cannot be treated. And the man can't be the father of a child. The doctor can recommend you for considering the use of donor sperm in such cases or adopt a child.


Remember, that for several infertile couples there can be over one reason that’s causing infertility. Therefore the chances are that both of you get a check-up done with a doctor. There can be a need for tests done for determining the main cause, and at times the cause is not identified ever. But there are developments in the field, so don't lose hope and make sure you get your check-ups done as soon as possible for improving the chances of dealing with such health issues.