Breast Feeding and Its Importance

In case you had been thinking of not breastfeeding your baby, there is some important information that you must know. Although this is completely a personal choice, some benefits seem to be endless. Before you make the final decision let's take a look at them.

1. Breast Milk Offers Optimal Nutrition To The Baby:

There are the right nutrient amounts, which get digested easily and are available readily. As per the expert medical advice, one should breastfeed exclusively for about 6 months, and then the solid foods need to be slowly introduced. This can be continued till at least the age of 1 year. As per the WHO, breastfeeding can be done till the age of 2 or even longer as the benefits also continue for that time.

2. Breast Milk Also Has Vital Antibodies:

Breast milk has antibodies loaded that will be helpful to the baby for fighting the bacteria and viruses. Here we are mainly talking about the colostrums which are the first feed. There is high immunoglobulin A- amounts with other antibodies present in colostrums. IgA will be protecting the baby from falling sick as it forms a protective layer over the nose of the baby as well as the digestive system and throat.

3. Breastfeeding Can Reduce Disease Risk:

When an infant is only receiving breast milk, it is specifically beneficial and can reduce the illness of:

Infections of the middle ear: Long breastfeeding can protect against sinus, throat, and middle ear infections.

Infections of the respiratory tract: Breastfeeding will be protecting against several illnesses of respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses.

4. It Promotes A Healthy Baby Weight:

Breastfeeding does promote a healthy baby weight and also helps in the prevention of childhood obesity. One of the studies had also shown that breastfeeding for over 4 months does significantly reduce the probability of a baby developing obesity. This can be because of the varied gut bacteria. The breastfed babies also have high amounts of beneficial bacteria in their gut, this can also impact fat storage. The breastfed babies also can self regulate the milk intakes. They will be better at eating only till the hunger gets satisfied. This also assists with healthy dietary patterns.

5. Breastfeeding Can Make Your Child Smarter:

Breastfeed can also help the baby to ace the test. Some of the studies indicate that there is a difference in brain development amongst formula-fed and breast-fed babies. This can be because of the physical intimacy, eye contact, and touch that’s linked with breastfeeding and then the nutritional value.


The breastfeeding benefits are endless and most of the health care agencies do recommend it to be continued for a long time and stopping the medical health issues. Breast milk also has antibodies and many elements that will protect the baby from chronic disease and illness. Therefore, it will be best if you can begin with it. Regardless of the choices that you are going to make, you can always consult your doctor as this will help in making the right decision for you.