Adolescence gynaecology :

Most sensitive period of life of women. Onset of menstruation is called menarche. With years presiding menarche and menarche brings lots of changes both physically and physiologically.

Some very important issues associated in this period are –

mother1Abnormal uterine bleeding – first 2 years following menarche could be irregular and sometime heavy bleeding.

mother1Not attaining puberty and menarche

mother1Vaginal discharge.

Reproductive Age :

mother1General check – regular checks for the general and reproductive health is recommended. women who are sexually active regular PAP smear is recommended to detect pre-cancerous stage of cervical cancer.

mother1Menstrual disorder – normal cycle is defined as when the periods happen regularly, between 21 – 45 days, when the bleeding lasts for less than 8 days, not associated with heavy bleeding and unusual pain. Any deviation from above is abnormal bleeding and needs to be checked.

mother1Infections – vaginal, pelvic and urinary infection are very common in sexually active women. Vaginal infection need to be treated early as it could ascend up to cause pelvic infection with devastating sequelae. Vaginal infection is recognized by abnormal and foul smelling vaginal discharge and itching.

mother1Tumors – in this age group are mostly non- malignant.

Management –

1. With regular check-ups most of the issues can be diagnosed and treated conservatively if detected early. A general physical examination and pelvic examination is enough most of the times.

2. Pap smear helps to detect pre-cancerous change to the cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is the most common cancer of the genital tract in women. It is 100% curable, if diagnosed at pre-cancerous stage.