A Guide to Men Infertility Treatment Options?

Our society has a misconception that women are the sole reason behind infertility. Sometimes most men feel disappointed after hearing that they are the cause.

Understand that being a parent is a probability, and both father and mother have 50 percent scope. It's not to blame. It requires egg and sperm from both partners.

Desperate to become a father? What is the probable men's fertility testing?

In most cases, we need to diagnose the factor that makes males infertile. Only after that do we get an idea and conclusion of your condition.

Factors that make you regret it!

• Cigarette smoking

You may be a healthy and destined man to become a father. But studies show that chronic smokers are more likely to be infertile than non-smokers. Sadly, our young generation is exploring tobacco.

• Consumption of alcohol

You better not choose alcohol or drink less! Alcohol, as such, causes a vital role in male infertility.

• Obesity

It's a good idea to have a look at your diet. To an extent, obesity plays a role in male infertility.

• Lifestyle

A busy and messy lifestyle plays a role in infertility. The diet you follow, caffeine intake, and psychological stress may contribute to infertility in males.


• Abnormal sperm production

• Chronic infections

• Sperm antibodies

• Genetic reasons

• Neurological diseases

• Various traumatic conditions

How do emotional factors cause male fertility?

Studies reveal that feeling anxious, depressed, or stressed would reduce the chance of better ejaculation and heighten the cause of psychogenic impotence in males.

A modern world needs modern solutions! Let's see the advanced male fertility treatments available in our hospital.

Diagnosis is the key step. Sometimes male fertility issues could be a result of more than one issue. Have a positive mindset. We understand the way people feel insecure about seeking a doctor.

• Medical check-up– A doctor needs to know about your sexual life. Sometimes they even examine your genitals to know the exceptions.

• Semen analysis of the male— it's a crucial step to check your semen. Semen will be collected and examined in the laboratory. You will be asked to ejaculate or either masturbate to collect the semen.

• Testing of hormones– various gonadotropic hormones will be examined to get a clear picture of your condition. A blood test may be required to test the level of testosterone produced in your body.

Male fertility treatments

Assisted reproductive technology(ART) is a very effective method for fulfilling your dream of becoming a father. Sperms are collected artificially in the laboratory. It is then inserted into the female reproductive tract.

In other cases, surgical procedures play a vital role in male fertility. Hormonal and sexual intercourse treatments can also be done.

The success rate of male fertility treatments

As we said, through modern solutions, about 90 percent of men are lucky and blessed enough to have their genetic child. Intracytoplasmic sperm injections and in vitro fertilization treatments for male fertility show a higher success rate.

Remember, You are not alone in the journey to become a father!