5 Tips for Healthy Pregnancy

Have you been trying for a baby? There are so many aspects regarding pregnancy that one should remain careful about. You have to be healthy before, during, and even after pregnancy. So we have collected simple yet important tips for making sure you have a healthy pregnancy. You can follow these with good nutrition or staying healthy and fit all through the process of nine months till you welcome your baby.

1. Eliminate Any Kind Of Toxins:

There are several links found between the use of alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs, and solvents like nail paint remover that can cause miscarriages, birth defects, and other issues. If you smoke the oxygen flow towards the baby gets decreased. This can end up in preterm birth and some other complications. It is best that you completely avoid any of these while you are pregnant. In case you are not able to quit drinking, smoking, or any kind of drug usage, make sure your doctor knows. They will be able to help you with any kind of support and advice that you need. You can also be referred to a specific program that helps women that are pregnant to stop smoking.

2. Bring A Change In Regular Chores:

When you are pregnant understand that some of the usual tasks like pet cleanups, and bathroom scrubbing can become risky. You might be exposed to some of the toxic chemicals. Lift heavy objects, or come in contact with bacteria that can be harmful to you and the baby. We have shared some of the work that you should remove from the to-do list:

1. Heavy weight lifting.

2. Climbing on ladders or step stools.

3. Kitty litter change (for avoiding toxoplasmosis that is a disease caused by a parasite that cats carry).

4. Making use of any kind of harsh chemicals.

5. Being around a hot stove, and standing for a longer time.

Also, make sure that you are wearing gloves whenever you are working in your yard. This includes all of the places that the cat might have visited. Then wash your hands well when you have handled raw meat.

3. Smart travel is the priority:

You can go ahead and travel, but there are some precautions that you need to take. As per the health experts, the mid-pregnancy weeks (from 14 to around 28 weeks) are the best months for flying. And this is the time that one should be over with morning sickness and miscarriage risks. Still, you must be checking with the doctor on any kind of travel plans. Also, confirm from the airlines to make sure there is no restriction for pregnant women. While you are on the flight, you have to stay hydrated so drink a lot of water. Also for making sure that there is no risk for blood clots, walk around every 30 minutes. If you take the aisle seat, the reach towards the bathroom becomes easier.

When you are in your car, make sure that the safety belt is on at all times. The shoulder side has to be positioned for being over your collar bone. And the lap portion has to be low and never on the abdomen.

4. Practice Kegel exercises:

The pelvic floor muscle gets strengthened by kegel exercises. These muscles do support the uterus, bladder, and bowel and when done in the right way, it can make the delivery easier and also prevent issues that might arise later. The good news is that no one will be able to know if you are doing these exercises. So you can practice them while you are sitting at a desk, in a car, or standing in a grocery store line.

5. Shoe Shopping Is A Must:

This can be your perfect time for shoe shopping. When the bump starts to grow, the feet might too. This can happen as you are naturally gaining more weight and there is extra pressure on the feet. Here can be flattening of the feet or over-pronation. This can swell the ankles as it retains more fluid. Therefore a larger shoe is needed.


Pregnancy is a beautiful experience. You have to take care of yourself during the time as well. So follow these tips and you shall be fine.